GAG give me a quick yes or no?

Work things out with old friend yay or nay?

Details for the curious...

Long time friend and I had a fight and stopped talking for half a year. Started talking again and making up for several months. Never wanted to hang out, dealing with a crappy/junky boyfriend. I understood and was patient with her till they broke up. Couple weeks after they broke up I just came out and told her I want us to date. Which started out unsure and didn't want anything serious so soon after such a bad relationship, again understandable. But as things started getting more intimate between us. Her ex kept calling her trying to talk to her "I changed" kind of crap. Eventually she gave in and picked up the phone. After that I don't hear from her for a few days then she starts pushing me away, a complete 180. I pretty much told her that if she's going to be hung up on her addict ex I call it over. I was sitting on the phone with her when everything between those two made her so depressed she was turning suicidal, I care for her I just don't have the energy to stay by her if she keeps doing it to herself. The last thing I said to her was I'm moving on, I don't care anymore and you screwed up after her telling me the idea of us dating or hanging out makes her uncomfortable.

I was happy with moving on till I saw someone end things with his 9 year girlfriend by saying "I'm bored of you". Reckful if anyone else watches twitch

Either way I know I'm going to sleep on this before I decide on anything to do.
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3 no's so far, what I was thinking so far


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  • Move on you deserve better


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  • Lol no. Forget her and move on. Or let her do the chase this time. If she want you, she will have to do most/all of the work from now on.


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  • Move on with such drama. You have other things to care of.

  • No. -------


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