Should I take my ex back?

ok, so i've been seeing this guy for about 8 months and he still has yet ti make us officially boyfriend and girlfriend, and he kinda doesn't treat me the best, but a couple years ago i went through a really bad breakup but the guy who left me treated me so well... long story short, he's back in my life and i'm not sure what to do, a bunch of feels are coming back and we were kind of immature when we were together... he's also the lucky guy that took my virginity lol.


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  • Baby girl, don't worry bout them two boys. I was in the exact same position last summer and I'm single as h*** now lol. But hey, I can't really tell you, I don't know them but by you describing the first guy who doesn't treat you so well, I'd drop him quick. He obviously doesn't care and may just want you around for "fun". F*** that it'll bite you in the butt later.


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