What should I do in this situation?

My ex is flirting with my bestfriend and keeps talking to her after a month since we broke up, the problem is she keeps on telling me she dislikes him and doesn't want to talk him again.. but her actions is definitely the opposite what should i do in this situation? (PS: its killing me that he talks and flirt with her) and Is he trying to make me jealous from her or what?


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  • He could be trying to make you jealous or not. It really is impossible to say but what I can say is that your best friend is acting shady as hell. If she is telling you one thing but acting in another way you need to be real with her and ask her what is going on. If she loves you and cares for you she'll listen and be honest. If she genuinely has feelings for your ex then she should at least wait a while till you're done healing from the break up which is still pretty fresh and new.


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  • Why did you break up? Did he break up with you? It seems clear that you still have feelings for your ex. but y'all are young, people change and if you are not dating him, and your friend likes him why should that stop them?

    I think you should talk to your best friend about it. Explain that the wound is still a bit fresh. Would you really prefer to lose a best friend over a guy by letting jealousy get to you? Why not just get a new boyfriend of your own?

    This high school drama stuff gets old after awhile.


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