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My boyfriend or ex boyfriend I don't know what he is says that he needs space. But, he still says I. love you and kisses me. He's also wearing his ring that I gave him still. He says that he needs to figure out if he's still in love with me. But, yet. I know he's calling other girls. He says that he will always love me. What does any of this mean? Should. I just let him go after all we've been through and move on? I'm also pregnant. What should I do? Please help.
I'm not sure it helps that I'm beginning to have hatred feelings toward him either. But, he doesn't contact me in anyway. He's texted me a couple times and every time we talk on the phone he yells at me.
And why does he still wear his promise ring that I gave him? Is he still holding on?


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  • Move on, but stay in his ass for child support. Get good legal representation.


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  • If he wants all the benefits of being with you (the sex, kissing, holding your hand, romantic nights etc) but still says he needs space and doesn't commit to you then he is really just temporarily using you. Someone either wants you or they don't want you. There's no in between and should never be otherwise you're just selling yourself short. You say he's calling other girls and he says he need space... come on.. who are we kidding he just wants to have his cake and eat it too. He wants to hang out with other girls and canoodle with them while still keeping you in the background. Is this really love? Is that what you think love is? Does it sound like he loves you?

    The answer is no. It's not love and no he doesn't love you if he wants to still be with other girls and can't commit to you.

    Move on PLEASE.


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  • he's after play dates with girls and will come back before the baby is born...

  • I would tell him that you're going to give him space and also you're going to take some time for yourself as well! Then just don't talk to him unless he calls you. Be busy! Really busy.


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