Guys (girls can answer too) did he just not want me anymore and is this beyond fixing?

In the morning he basically told me that he loved me and then late that night he told me that the distance would make it hurt more. I go to school about 3 hours away from where I live so I would see him over the summer or during long weekends. I wouldn't mind it though since every other week I get a 5 day weekend so I could see him more often. So he pretty much broke up with me in a text message... He isn't replying to me anymore and unfriended me on Facebook and now I am starting to think that he just didn't want me or found someone else. My friend said he might be avoiding me because he is taking it hard too. He said he wanted to be friends but instead he won't even talk to me or tell me why he wanted to end things. I am so heart broken because I loved him and he said he loved me too. It hurt more when he said he'd still love me even if I loved someone else. I am confused and hurt and I don't know if I will even want to find anyone else. He said nothing would ever stop him from seeing me and now distance is a big issue for him. Please someone help me out here. This happened two days ago so forgive me if I am sounding desperate...


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  • Not desperate... just hurt!

    The distance thing and school can be a very difficult time on a relationship. I know it does not feel real great right now, but , it is probably for the best.

    I went through the same scenario... broke up with my high school sweetheart and I felt like crap for a few weeks. It took a good month or more to get back to the norm... but during that period I got back to who I was and not the couple that everyone knew us to be in High School.

    Long distances are hard on a relationship. It is to be expected sometimes when you don't see the person for weeks on end. It is very difficult to keep the connection.

    I do think he is likely seeing someone now and feels guilty talking to you in anyway whatsoever, so that is why he has given you the cold shoulder. He did not handle it well. If he was at all having any kind of feelings for someone else, he should have been honest with you and just say that the distance was not working for him and been a little more sensitive to the issue.

    If I were you I would not take it too hard, your young and will probably find someone, as nice, or even better. It is true when they say, a door closes for a reason, so that another can open.


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  • Long-distance relationships are difficult. I have been through them and the distance really got to me. I had broken up with guys due to distance so I might be able to relate to the guy. I think he is very conflicted and I think your friend is right in that he is avoiding you because he is taking it hard too. Take deep breaths and just calm down, okay? I know it hurts. He may want to be friends but I think it will take a while for the both of you to stop hurting. I think he does still have feelings for you, but distance is a huge factor and could be one of the main reasons he wanted to be friends instead. I know it's hard but try to move on from here, don't let yourself be let down.

    • I actually think you and my friend are right. Earlier that day he was telling me that the distance freaked him out and his last text to me said I know how it will end and I don't want it to hurt more later. I thought he was talking about me but I actually think he was talking about him self. Everyone is making him out to be terrible but this is the sweetest and most genuine guy I know I think he was worried that I would break his heart by not constantly being with him.

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  • He did find someone else, or is having his fun with different girls. He's just not a very genuine guy... and i think you get that feeling too especially while you are away. If you guys were physical it may have just been that for him, IF they love you they come back but wouldn't leave in the first place! He's acting like a pig. Always trust your gut feeling, its always 100% right.

    sorry you are going through this<3 goodluck

  • To be honest, I would move on. He said beautiful things and he promised eternal love, but his actions show otherwise. If you really love someone you can't live without that person.
    I'm sorry :-(


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