Find myself thinking of ex gf a lot even though I haven't seen her in a while?

I find she has been on my mind but I haven't seen or heard anything from her since January when I last saw her at a bar I go to. but I find I wonder about her and what she has been up to as she's been away at school in another city and doesn't really live here anymore although sometimes comes back for summer. I'm rather frustrated about the whole thing and have no real way of contacting her anymore as she had either blocked me or on sites I don't have an account on like instagram.

guess I worry about her too as to what she's up to , she's sort of still the wild party girl type and had an issue with alcohol and didn't seem interested in trying to help herself and just wanted to get drunk. but she still seems to be doing ok at school and somehow manages to balance things. but I haven't heard from her in several months and its starting to get to me for romantic reasons but also others. and not really sure if there's anything I can do about it


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  • Forget her, sweetie, she has given you a hint by 'Either blocked me or on sites I don't have an account on like instagram.'
    Often we think about an "EX" who was no good for us and even though it drives us crazy to 'Worry' as to what is going on with them, you have to stop and ask yourself Why did we break up? And being she was this 'Sort of still the wild party girl type and had an issue with alcohol,' you are better off without her... you would just be her Enabler to get nowhere with her, but just be someone who was always there to constantly pick up the problem pieces for her.
    Move on and find someone who is in your own league. This one is way out in the field somewhere and I don't see anything but going down a beaten path with her, ending up a War of the Roses, even if you would reunite with her tomorrow.
    Good luck. xx

    • i guess it wasn't really a good situation it was actually a bit worse than I even described in question the whole thing between us didn't really end well. I don't think she had much interest in communication with me as I wasn't really left with any way to do so. I guess I still wonder what she's up to , meet someone and you wonder what happened to them if you don't see them for a while , was close to her and to just lose touch its hard to know she's out there and I can't talk to her. I do agree her alcohol problem was bad news and something that was going to lead her nowhere other than becoming a drunken party girl who guys only want cause she's got a hot body.

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    • the one bar in town where I used to go with that girl has actually closed down last year so don't have to worry about going there anymore , felt relieved about that. I think she misses it though but she still has bars at college to get drunk at. dating sites I always seemed to have a hard time creating a good profile that girls liked , girls would talk to me in person and seem interested but online I had a very tough time creating the same level of interest as at pub. whatever profile I was putting out there girls didn't seem to like it at all

    • Oh, I see... All I know is when you least expect it, someone will come along someday who is perfect for you.:)) xx

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  • if she blocked you i guess yu shoud move on... unfortunately it seems she doesn't want you :-/


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  • It's normal but that doesn't mean that you two should be together. You wonder about her because she used to be in your life.

  • You don't give it a shot then you will never find out...

    • well I've tried in the past to open up communication with her but its never really been well rechived or helped improve things much so really don't have a lot of ideas here

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    • maybe get some nice flowers and show up at her door?

    • I don't even know where she lives when she is away at school , we didn't break up recently so I have never been to that house and I don't know if she has a job there either or really any idea where I'd find her

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