Do I take my ex back?

Me and my ex broke up 2 months ago impulsively. My ex was very stressed and he needed a breather and he thought if we broke up he would clear his head. He realized he made a mistake as soon as it happened but I was very hurt and declined getting back together. He kept coming back every few weeks. We go to the same school and have most of the same classes and he would either get mad and ignore me because I rejected him or very friendly when he was trying to get me back.

Yesterday, we finally met up to talk about what we should do. He says it's too hard to move on if I'm always around. He wants to get back together but he's afraid this means he might be using me till the summer, because we are going to different schools, and then we will sadly just stop talking forever. He doesn't want that and I don't want that but it'll happen. We are both scared of being hurt again. We don't know what happens if we get back together. We know it won't be as intense and we want to take things slow and see how we feel but we are afraid one or the other might change their decision overnight. We are trying not to make promises. We don't want to let each down but he has strong feelings and he's keeping them which makes him sad and lonely. I know I can move on and be happy and I know he can to once he doesn't see me in class. So we don't know what to do now. We can't start moving on but we can't be friends because he always wants more. But we know once the summer comes around we will be more able to cut each other off even if it hurts.

Are we just delaying the inevitable if we get back together? Would it be easier to just start ignoring each other now?


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  • I mean if more heartbreak is inevitable with the two of you going to separate schools, you might as well start getting over him now. I know it's hard when he's in your classes, but even if you did get back together, you'd only have a few months and then it would likely be all downhill from there.

    • We are going to different schools but in the same city. Neither of us is moving or anything. It's just we don't want to ignore each other at school. It was fun to hang out, but he always wanted to kiss me when we did.

    • Well it looks like the ball is totally in your court, so it's up to you to decide whether it's worth it. I would advise you to move on but it's your decision. Someone who impulsively ends relationships and gets mad at rejection is not the kind of person I'd want to be in a relationship with.

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  • Don't start something if you know you cannot finish it here, dear, and that means a LDR, which is one of the hardest relationships that one can Have and Uphold.
    If you both cannot seem to get on the same page as to handle going to 'different schools' and you have your minds already made up that it isn't going to work and that 'We will sadly stop talking forever,' then I see no use of beginning your beguine again in getting involved when you each don't seem to talk about Still being together and making it work, even if you are not in the same school.
    Keep it lite and semi sweet and if if you are saying 'I know I can move on and be happy...' then this is telling me with the writing on the wall that you have actually moved on during this '2 months' break up but he is the one who says... it's too hard to move on...
    I see that this could cause problems and end up going down a beaten path and just end up a War of the Roses. It takes two people to tango and two people to really want to stay in a real relationship and no matter how far or where it might both lead you, if the love is there, nothing else matters and it can be worked out with open lines of convo and a lot of effort on both partner's parts.
    Good luck. xx

    • We are going to different universities in the same city. But I always thought we would break up before we ever started the semester, just because university is not the time to continue a high school relationship and we were very serious but we didn't have the money to move in together yet.
      By sadly never speak I mean, to fully move on you have to stop all contact. And the thought of that scares me and saddens me.

    • All you can do and being it is Only in different schools and In the same city, is talk it out and try and get on the same page, sweetie... it could get complicated if you both make this so, but if you both care about one another, this to me seems simple.:)) xxoo

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  • If you two couldn't handle staying together when you actually are together, you will DEFINITELY not be able to stay together when you are in a LDR. If i were you, i would break it off now, no matter how painful it is.

    But its your decision. If you think you two can handle LDR, go for it!

  • Yeah, because.


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