My ex texted me? Why would he text me? I don't know how to feel?

So my ex and I broke up a month ago and haven't talked in person since. I have texted him at least 3 times apologizing for whatever. I broke up with him but I regret it because he's not looking for a relationship right now. He's better single and oh yeah, we dated for 2 years. I haven't cried in about two weeks over him but when he texted me I couldn't stop letting my tears flow. I don't know why. I was fine, I'm trying my hard to get over him. He was my first love and I still have feelings for him but after he texted me I just feel sad again and all heart broken.
He texted me out of the blue asking me why I don't talk to him and I told him why would he want to talk to me? He said he wanted us to be cool and that I never know, we could have made something work and I didn't junderstand what he meant by that so I asked and he just wants to fix our friendship. So yeah, he said he wanted not to be "just friends" but to have a "strong friendship" with me. He also said he never wanted to lose me as a friend. He called me beautiful as in like "so what's new with you, Beautiful?" We talked just a little bit. No more than 20 texts between both of us.. I think I don't know. We talked a little about him going to college, he's a senior and he'll be leaving off to college soon. I asked him where he was going and he asked "lol will you miss me" and I replied "lol you wish. I'm kidding" we exchanged a couple more texts and he didn't reply to me and I was waiting for a reply but I gave up, he's not a slow texter and he's always on his phone do yeah.
I do and I don't want to be just friends. Like I said I still have feelings for him so it hurts that we can't be more. Oh also a couple of days after we broke up I asked if we'd get back together and his reply was what do you think? He sent another saying "I'm not saying we're not ever gonna get back together" but I broke up with him and he didn't want to get back with me when I begged him (I know I shouldn't have done that)

I broke up with him and he did not want to get back together. We broke up because he didn't care of we were in a relationship anymore but I made him not care because we would argue and I would get attitudes with him. He just got tired of it. But why would he want to talk to me, what do you guys think? My brother said he probably is just talking to me so we can start over and maybe work our way back to a relationship again. But I highly doubt that.
I chose to be friends with him now although it hurts because I do want him to be am part of my life still. He's a great guy and a very important person to me. I care a lot about him. I don't want to wait later on just because I still have feelings now. what if that opportunity to become friends never comes again in the future? I doubt there's a chance of us getting back together but what do you guys think?


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  • Because you have been together for two years, he loved you, and doesn't want to lose you. It sounds like he wants to see if a break up is the right decision, but doesn't want to toss away something that he had, and may never get back again.

    This is a really hard one. You can remain friends, but that might wind up hurting one if not both. Or it can wind up you two realizing that you weren't better apart and everything ends happily ever after. What is beyond the next few months is something I don't think anyone can give answer to.

    • Thank you so much, really great answer

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    • Not maybe, he absolutely is confused and still has feelings.

    • Hmm well again, thanks

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  • Maybe he wants to be on good terms with you and make sure everything is OK before he goes to college. college is a new experience. keep your head up and try to move on. It seems like both of you got hurt and I think his way of dealing with it is to try to just stay friends and go from there. I think you should do what makes you most happy. Don't stay friends with him if it will hurt you too much. Being alone hurts too but it will hurt worse if you are friends with him but still have feelings for him and he doesn't feel the same way.

    i hope all the best!


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  • Let it go. He will go to university next year and find someone else. It's best for you to not lose him like that. So just let it go.

    You will want someone else too. I know you think he is great but that's first love for you. We all go through that then move on.

  • i guess now would like to come back to you basically...

  • He probably misses your pretty feet


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  • Every day we see questions like this and truth is they are probably looking to use you as their friends-with-benefits, this the "strong friends" and still flirting with you... lol, also him being vague saying "i'm not saying we are ever going to get back together" is him fucking you around and now leading you on to try and get you to think he would take you back to then sleep with you... total douche move... i'm not suprised you broke up with him, how do you know he wasn't cheating on you with other girls? it seems like he was just using you and he didn't care for you at all the whole time.

    • Holy shit the assumptions here are unreal. You always this negative?

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    • @Dragonblood21 @emmabee11
      But see he wasn't that type of guy. I know bunch of girls say that but I'm so serious. There was no all the way sex involved in our relationship and if we ever did anything it was just twice, we wanted to wait. I know for a fact he wasn't cheating on me or is trying to use me. I do see where you're coming from. We were very faithful to each other. He wasn't a type of guy to talk and mess with girls. He's a big quiet guy.

    • I don't know... why is he being so vague though? if he's just doing it to make you chase after him then why doesn't he just be honest with you and say "I really don't know if i want to get back together, your the one that broke it off and you kept argueing so i'm not sure", but instead he said "I'm not saying we are ever getting back together", yes or no? which is it? lol if he doesn't no he should just say it, he's confusing you, i'm always on red alert when people are vague like this because usually it doesn't go the right way.

  • Well why did you break up with him if you still like him?

    • I kind of carelessly did it as someone told me although I did it out of hurt. He told me he didn't care if we were together because he was tired of us having arguments and when I got attitudes. He said he did care but he didn't.

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    • Thank you

    • Welcome

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