Where/how should I break up with my girlfriend?

So I've decided I want out of my relationship. She still loves me very much, but I dont have feelings for her any more. Im a junior in high school and she's a sophomore. We have been going out for over a year. I would greatly appreciate any tips on what I should say and how to start and end the breakup. And where should I break up with her? Spring break is next week and I was planning on doing it then so she can have a week to get iver the majority of the shock. She won't be expecting it at all, and I dont want to hurt her. I hope this doesn't come off as rude. However, any tips on where and how I should break up with her. P. s. I have my licence and a car, so I can go to her house to do it but the thing is, she won't expect it. Sorry its it was long. But any tips would be very much appreciated!


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  • I find you an Honest John here, dear, in openly admitting that You------Want out of my relationship. You realize right now that you do Not want to be in a real relationship anymore and that you want to tell her, no matter when it would be.
    No time is the right time, 'Spring break' being no exception to the rule of thumb. However, Telling her, the manner in which would be the most Appropriate, is something of another subject matter.
    Don't text her, you need to see her alone, face to face. You both need to sit down and you need to lay your story on the table. Tell her how you feel, simple as that.
    Drive over to her house and ask her to come out to your car. This is a private matter and you don't want to involve her family.
    I am quite sure it will take longer than a 'Week to get over the majority of her shock.' However, taking Spring Break to herself will begin her healing process so she can begin to lick her war wounds.
    Think this over carefully before you make this move. Keep away if you decide you want 'Out' and no contact if all possible. Dangling her on a shoe string with even a Friends with benefits offer is also no good. If you are going to do this, make it a clean break, move on and if it is meant for you both to end up as friends, then so be it.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you so much! I just dont know how to begin the break up. Its going to be so hard to do. I was thinking about asking her to come out to the car too.. thank you so much (:

    • Thank you, sweetie, for allowing me to lend a helping hand. As hard as it will be, and perhaps she may even suspect it is coming with maybe a sign, she needs to know how you feel and that you want to be free for now and no strings attached.. tell her you want to be honest and fair to her... talk it over and who knows, maybe there can be a compromise.:)) xxoo

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  • Just be frank with her, and honestly tell her that you don't feel love for her anymore. She will obviously be hurt, but it's much better than beating around the bush which would obviously hurt her a lot more in the long term.


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  • Seriously? Are you serious? Mr. Honest, you definitely should tell her as soon as better. Yes! Of course, she will too hurt deeply, but it's still better to be with the one who have the breakup in his mind. TELL HER!! ALL! Tell her the reason why you want to break up. DEEPLY! Don't lie her just one thing. She will be shock and feel down, but this is good for her.
    Don't keep silent like that, sir!

  • If you are going to break up with her please do not do it over the phone or through a text all. Break up with her face to face. Act like a man and be a man and tell her to her face, sit her down and talk to her about how you think you two need a break. Don't keep it quiet and just led her on, if you do not feel the same way about her then tell her. Tell her the reason why you feel like its time to move on and see other people. I wouldn't wait until spring break though. I would tell her maybe after school go somewhere maybe out to get something and have her meet you there and just talk to her and be honest. My ex broke up with me face to face except it was at school but still its better than being dumped over the phone or through a text. Don't wait till spring break and do not wait till the last minute, use this time that you have now and tell her how you feel. She deserves to know

  • yeah. sure. ruin her entire spring break.

    • He does have every right to do so.

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    • Or I can do it before so her grades dont drop and flunk her sophomore year. Thus ruining her life because of a break up.

    • You're ruining her life anyway. you might not see it like that but she will.

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  • Bro there's only one way. And that's by telling her no shortcuts. Seriously! And don't be a pussy and send her an email breaking up with her. Be a man and say it to her face life goes on


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