Why is ex posting about new date all the time?

Ok, so just 10 days ago my ex started dating a guy, I think. Or... I know.
Because she posted on her instagram that she had a great time with "a very sweet guy". 2 days later: "Bakeing cake a looking forward to a great evening with a super great guy"...
Since then she has basicly mentioned him in almost every status update she makes. "Visiting my family this weekend, but miss the sweet guy at home", "had a great weekend with my family, can't wait to get home to my friends and a guy that I miss a lot"...

It just seems so... I don't know... Fake!
I am not an expert on the female mind. Any girls here who can assist me? She is 22 if that helps...
Note: I dont know who it is, as she has never mentioned him by name. Just "very sweet guy"


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  • Sounds like she is caught up in new love excitement. Lots of girls do this until it all levels out eventually.

    I seriously doubt after all this time she wants to make you jealous, or (I dont mean this harshly) even considers that you read her statuses.


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  • Let's be dude for once and be rational.
    Possibility 1. It's fake: she's doing it because she knows you still stalk her and is trying to either: a. make you jealous, or b. annoy you enough so you'd stop stalking her social medias, or c. confirm her batshit craziness.

    Possibility 2. Very sweet guy is very real: but she wants deniability because her past relationship traumatized her, so she obfuscates his identity. But then she keeps posting about him to either: a. make you jealous, or b. annoy you enough so you'd stop stalking her social medias, or c. convince herself that she'd moved on… thus confirming her batshit craziness because that's not how to do it.

    Okay, i'm just kidding on the craziness but i really think you should break all contact with her, man. If you still care, giving her space is care enough.


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  • Does she think that posting such things on her Instagram account is a way to get you jealous? Maybe? I think so dude

    • Is that what woman does? Personally I can't see why a person needs to "show off" like that already after the first date. (I asume the was the first date 10 days ago, because she popped up on my Tinder 2 days earlier)

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    • Haha. Tinder is not a social app ;) Its an dating app that pops up with random profiles for you to like or dislike ;)

    • Haha had no idea! But cool, thanks for the heads up

  • How long have you been broken up?

    • Just about 6 months. I have keept contact to a minimum since

    • And her behaviour is still affecting you?

      It's possibly the excitement of meeting someone new. As she is indicating that he is "sweet" and she's been posting stuff regularly, then she defo likes him as she feel assured about putting stuff out there. However, it's clearly early days as she describes him as sweet.

  • to make you jealous

  • Why do you care she is your ex.
    Stop checking up on her.


What Guys Said 1

  • To be fair dude
    why you checking her stuff?
    it's bothering ya because ya still clearly feel for her.
    no matter what reasons she has, if ya dislike it, delete her

    • Already deleted her. But every now and then she likes some of my stuff, and wel... Then I have a monent of weakness and take a peek :)

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