Do you think its worth it?

I was supposed to be getting married but lately all we do is fight and push each other away. It got so bad we broke up. I was hurt really bad. Now he wants to be with me again. After all the pain. Would you take him back? After all trust is gone. Would you be able to risk the chance to get hurt by someone you really love and see them walk out of your life when you need then the most?


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  • I think you need to enjoy life for while longer before even considering getting married. Not saying you can't experience love at that age... but you would have a lifetime of the same person. You need to get out and experience what life has to offer and learn what guys are like.

    Your going to have school, travel... all kinds of things that come up in the early stages of your life. Don't forget to live a little and develop who you are before settling down.


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  • Getting married before you're 25 is a really really bad idea. You're still a kid, and you and your partner will change a ton as you grow older.

    If you're fighting all the time, you're not communicating. Both of you need to invest the time and effort into figuring out how to share your feelings without resorting to accusations or anger. Things like Nonviolent Communication can be very helpful. Basically, instead of "you always do X!", say "when you do X, it makes me feel Y". That way, it doesn't feel like an attack, and you explain your position without putting the other person on the defensive.


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  • You are 16 lol. Don't be ridiculous. Go and live your life.

  • Your 16 and we're gonna get married
    ... what the eff

  • At 16 you really need to date around a bit. Test the waters a bit and learn what things you like and dislike. I though my first gf was perfect and after dating other women I realize she was a manipulative bitch. If you really love this guy you will end back up together but seriously date other guys. You will enjoy it and it will help you make a decision.


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  • Well for one I think deciding to marry someone at your age is a really naive thing to do.

    You have your entire life ahead of you, you're going to meet so many cool and interesting people, you're going to grow up and change so much yourself it seems silly to try and match yourself up with a boy when soon you will be a woman.

    Id move forward and not look back if I were you.


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