Does the no contact rule actually works to help you move on?

I fell for a guy that could never feel the same way about me our relationship was mainly sexual we were never in a relationship or planning to be in one soon it was just sex at least for him. The more I agreed to meet up with him & we had the stronger my feelings for him got. I knew deep down i was kinda just a booty call so I decided to try to move on by blocking him & cutting off all contact without any warning. Its been a few days & i still think about him & the last times we were together & start to miss him. So how will i get over him if he's still stuck in my head :/


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  • You don't get him out of your head... you just live with him in there. Time and other events in your life will eventually erase memories of him, but until then, you have to live with him up there.

    I find doing something new, out of your usual circles can help. Go on a little trip, join a new club, do some volunteer work for a good cause. A new passion can help you refocus and cheer you up!

    When you break up there is always the sad part... but there is also some good things that come of it too... you can do whatever you want... some freedom to get back to who you are. So take advantage of that time alone to get some things accomplished you always wanted to do that you would not have likely been able to do with him.


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  • Time heals all wounds as the old saying goes here, dear. It's only 'Been a few days,' so the war wounds are still fresh and you really haven't actually begun to lick these sores just yet, so it's normal, natural to feel like you do right now.
    By what you are saying, it's apparent you had to break it off. He was only Into One thing, you Into another thing and together, the chemistry wasn't meant to be.
    I believe there is someone out there who is better love potion for you. Do some soul searching, focus now on you only and No Contact is the secret potion and my notion to hurry the healing process and get you back out there with better... success.
    Good luck and blessings for the rest of 2015. xx


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  • It'll work unless you keep on thinking about him.

    But mostly it never works, you just have to find a new guy. :/

  • find another guy i suppose... ;-)


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  • You'll eventually move on. But what's wrong with booty calls? Sex is fun, and you shouldn't feel ashamed of having a purely sexual relationship if that's what you want.

    If you want a relationship beyond sex, you need to tell him what you want. Don't just vanish without explanation. Ask him if he's interested in more.

    • Hey follow me, Varanus. I'm interested in chatting with you. :)

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    • In that case, you're best moving on. :)

    • I'm trying but its soooo hard! I get lonely & horny sometimes /: & i miss cuddling & being laid up with him. Its as if my mind is only remembering the good times we had. I doubt I've been on his mind at all so why is he on mines 😒

  • I guess you would be able to move on when you're able to find someone who can be in a committed relationship with you. How long that will take, depends on how fast you want to search for something like that.


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