What can I do to revive her?

Hello all. I have (had) a lovely girlfriend. She is the most amazing person I have ever met. I can't imagine a life without her. But she is very naive and prone to get a broken heart. We have a long distance relationship and the distance usually brings so much pain but when we are together we are always happy we love each other so much and we don't wanna lose each other. But she is committed to break up and has been apart from me for 3 days. I am willing to get even professional help about our issues and she can't even show a reason to leave me but she says she is so tired of fighting and getting upset. She is afraid of losing me for eternity but she doesn't want to get back together. What can I do to persuade her to try it for one last time since we only got 2 months ahead from getting together for always.(We move to the same city). Please help me I am dying here
please i need help so much :(
any other help here guys?


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  • She's frustrated with the distance... she sounds like she would rather be alone with out u than to be so close and yet so far, are you two intimate? . Try reassuring her the distance is for now only, and when you can try spending as much time as you can, the emotional factor is very important, but so is the physical, having a real person to touch and caress is just as important and healthy for a relationship as well. So do what you can see how it goes. good luck.

    • thank you for your comment but she is so close minded about this topic cuz it is her first LDR and longest relationship. And this distance stuff came to the surface several times. She doesn't want me to remind her of old days i guess she tries to shut her heart down instead of her thoughts and from this distance there is nothing more to do. And i am afraid that if i give her space and don't talk, her bounds and love may loosen till the day i can physically see her :/ . She has done her very first stuff with me and the things she has done for me. I just can't believe or understand the situation we are in. It's like someone cast a magic upon her. She has so much stress on her like high school's ending exams for university and she got low grades and her special days (all of yours) are these days. It's unbelievable for me to break up because such reason.

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    • Oh u meant monthly women thing, ok, .. sounds like she a bit emotional, and in the interim of wanting you and can't have you well the way she wants, it's taking its toll. She needs space away from you possibly until you guys situation changes.

    • Thanks, good luck with your situation

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  • Don't give a fucking shit about this girls... trust me man... you don't want an immature girl to ruin your heart

    • dude i wish it was that easy :/

    • I feel you bro... but i wish you gonna forget about her... promise me you'll...

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