Why can't I move on?

So, my bf broke up with me 8 months ago coz he wanted to be with someone else. It totally hurts until now. We first met when he moved from America. He was the one who taught me English that's and now I'm pretty good at it. He had broken up after dating 10 months and we got back and lasted for 8 months. And now we are so far from each other, we're not in the same school anymore. And we haven't seen each other for quite long. It should've made me easier to move on, right? But why I just can't?
I asked my friends and they said "try to find things that you hate about him". Well, I did this. But it's not working


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  • Because you are a teenager.


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  • What have you done to try and move on from him?

    • Well, I asked my friends and they said "try to find things that you hate about him". I did this and it's not working

    • You need to focus on the things you love and your goals. Keep busy with school and work and focus on your career goals. Also, if you work out or play sports, that is a great way to keep busy and gain confidence in yourself. Plus, you may meet someone better in those activities. Delete everything you have with this guy (facebook, instagram, pictures, etc.) don't even talk to him or associate with anything that has to do with him. You need to digest him completely out of your system. That's what I do and I'm usually over the dude in a month or 2.

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