Is my ex trying to keep tabs on me?

My ex and I broke up about 5 months ago. She dumped me because she couldn't commit anymore to me and needed to be independent to be strong, and that she's dead inside. Yet within 30 minutes of a breakup Facebook is changed and that weekend she went out to the bars and posted all of these photos having a grand time. I had to block her on Facebook to avoid looking at them. A week before the breakup she was talking with my family about what kind of cut ring she wanted as to drop hints to me. She also wanted to open up joint bank accounts as we were suppose to move in together in half a year. Then randomly and abruptly she dumped me and blocked my cell number.

Since the break up i've gone no contact and insulated myself. I have done far more than what anyone has ever done for her. I have been there for her with vaginal surgery, mom's depression, grandfathers death (she already lost her father before me), I am the kind of guy who opens the door for her, cleans off the snow off of her car, etc. The breakup was really strange and seemed cold and just plain heartless. I moved on though, I am too good of a guy to be abandoned like that.

About last week my best friend was Facebook friends with my ex, and he told me that she deleted him as a friend then readded him within hours. I find it strange and odd as to why she would do this. Is this a way for her to try to open dialogue with my friend and keep tabs on me? If so I really hope not, I would hate for her to reach out to me.


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  • She sounds like an emotional train wreck, with those bad things happening and then going out partying straightaway. She probably doesn't know her butt from her elbow at this. point, let alone focussed enough to have you watched.


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  • I think what she really wants is for you to reach out to her, to feed her ego. She may not love you, but she does love having you stroke her ego. I think you treated her so well, that she imagined that your love was so deep that you would have a harder time moving on that you are. The fact you are moving on with your life is a big blow to her ego. Even if she doesn't want you anymore, she still wants you to desire her.


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  • Maybe she didn't try to delete him in the first place


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