Why did my ex boyfriend get me a Christmas gift then a valentine gift and keeps calling and texting me with small talk or the occasional I love you?

Soooo my ex boyfriend of 6 months started acting distant out of no where (no prior disagreement). He used to call me every morning then one day nothing. I had class early mornings so I didn't think anything of it at first and contact him around lunch as I always did. After about two weeks still nothing but growing distant and infrequent calls. my patience was running out so I asked him what was up. He told me he was stressed because the mother of his child was giving him a hard time about money etc. He was stressed about his asthma etc. by the way his child's mom has another child who is younger than his and she's married to the father (non factor). So I was understanding and supportive even setting aside my own feelings for his. When he spoke about his Great Depression which seem to spring from nowhere I was there for him in every way. Even surprising him into fits of happiness. Two weeks later nothing. Still distant but hold on I call him and he is constantly moving and shaking with his friends (all single/cheaters) my cousin he is one of them lol. I make a mental note that he is no longer sad. Give it a few days and verbalized I would need more attention might have thrown a few soft ultimatums " treat me like you were before or I will know what's up". Still nothing! I'm patient by nature but enough was enough I told him that he was breaking up with me by continuously for a month straight not doing anything I asked of him to make things work. Lol still nothing. So some time goes by and then he brings a gift to my house but when he calls I'm out Christmas shopping with my sister. Then a month later sends edible arrangements to my job Valentine's day that say I love you and I never forgot about you. I entertain the conversation for a week or two.(I don't stay friends with an ex ever) I told him that from the beginin when we were getting to know each other. If we were friends for years first then fine but if we weren't bye Goodluck.
New to site not sure if that affects how many people see my post. Wanted more opinions


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  • I would say he might regret having to break off the relation between you two in favor of the relationship where he made the girl birth a kid. Oh well, can't have both. Find a guy more responsible than that.

    • @mesonfielde Your right I can find someone more responsible. I never considered it could have something to do with his ex because she has another kid and currently lives with the new babies father (in a relationship) but maybe your right. thanks for sharing your opinion I will continue to move on and wish him the best. He wouldn't stop calling me and sending me stuff after I asked him nicely and blocked him. He passed by my house unannounced while I was walking down my street he said he happened to be in the neighborhood I think he was waiting for me to get home. I decided to change my number. I wish him the best in life and love but also I wish he leaves me out of it. He made a choice to break up now I choose to move on.

    • It's a shame you didn't get more opinions, even I would have been curious what others would have said.

      Oh well, I stand by that he can't just ignore you for a month or more then bounce back randomly saying "hey whatever I was doing wasn't working so I came back", that is not trustworthy behavior. But I see that you see that way as well, and I think it is for the better.

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  • I'm pretty sure you can answer that one lol, its pretty obvious he likes you.

    • @heyy_monica lol yes your right he probably does like me. I liked him too but he made a choice and I was patient with him for over a month because I knew and know once a relationship is over I'm done. He knew my position on the matter from jump I never pretended otherwise, and with all that he made specific choices that ultimately ended our relationship. Now that he has seen the light he is the only one left in the room, vanity6 has left the building lol and no he and I will not, can not be friends.