My boyfriend, his mom told him not to love a girl who comes from a broken family like mine, do you agree, thoughts?

so yeah im 20, he's 19- his family seems so perfect like the kind that take family photos in matching outfits and give them out as Christmas cards, and they all support and love one another-im sure they have tough times too but nothing compared to what I go though and that isn't me feeling sorry for myself or trying to pity party, its just fact.
well mine I have 10 siblings, im one of the younger ones- were all distant we fight about everything, and my parents dont help out much considering my dad neglected us younger ones our whole life and abused us when he was in it, and now does especially to my mom, weve all tried calling the cops but our mom won't let us, and my mom is so messed up from al lthe abuse she has endured in her life Basically just a really crappy and abusive toxic environment for everyone well I told my boyfriend more than im telling you in details and he was shocked and upset and told his mom and she responded in don't love a girl who has a broken family and past like that, I don't have any particular past that I had control over- I did my best graduated never did drugs etc I've tried becoming better than my parents and im proud of the way I grew up bc I feel like I can teach a lot and my patience and compassion for people is enormous,. he said it doesn't change the way he feels about me but he's given it thought, I feel like he's going to break up with me bc he can't handle it. ARE THERE ANY GUYS WHO LIVE A PERFECT LIFE AND CAN JUST ACCEPT FAMILIES AND PEOPLE LIKE MINE/ME. it feels so wrong and unfair to judge someone based on something they cannot control and to know I wasted my time on someone who could just leave me when I need them the most.


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  • Well just move on, and find someone that does truly love you, for who you are, and does not judge you on your family history. You are doing well for yourself, and carry doing it.

    If she can't she can't see you for the person you are, that's her loss and your boyfriends. He could well end up with someone, that comes from a good background, and give him a hard time, and cause more grief.

    They are just ignorant people, don't worry about it. To be honest I truly admire you, for doing better than your parents. You have done everything to improve your future. You should be proud of yourself, don't let people like that dictate who you are, and what you can be. They are the fools.

    • Don't get heartbroken over ignorant fools, they are not worth it. Their loss. Seriously be proud of yourself. Hold your chin up high, you have done nothing wrong.

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  • It's unwise to judge someone by their families. Clearly, you broke away from the dysfunction and are thriving. I think it's creepy he would let what his mother says influence him so much. You sound like the stronger person. You're too mentally and emotionally mature for him.


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  • Ask her directly why it is so. Ask her why "normal" is an absolute requirement for love. And ask her why she's pushing away any courters from brokent homes, instead of giving them a chance and legit helping them if it clicks?

    Even if the home's broken, it doesn't mean all the persons are.

  • So if the girl family wasn't perfect she's bitch? Thats unfair they should know you first then judge not base on your family history. And sounds like you're nice girl but with bad luck it's enough that you tried your best to not be like one of your parents

    Your bf is coward and dont have strong personality. At least he must do his best to make you meet his mother and change her mind. If he won't take serious step forget about him his coward


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  • Let me tell you, I grew up with an abusive father, Yes it has really messed with us. I know I don't have a perfect family and I honestly don't care. If a man can't accept me because my family is messed up or in this case "my father" then that's his problem. Or his families problem if they have an issue. I never did anything wrong and i don't deserve to be treated that way and neither should you. Talk to the guy and if he understands them great or else move on.

  • Wtf no. That is just very rude. I think the mom only cares about money then about your personality and how you treat him.


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