Is my GF giving me the silent treatment?

My GF's been very quiet lately, and it's got me thinking: is she giving me the silent treatment?

The last time we spoke was on Monday when she sent me a text wondering if I had got home safely. I replied that I had and told her good night.

The reason why I think she's giving me the silent treatment is because I sent her a text yesterday asking her how her work was going. She didn't answer, nor did she answer the call I gave her in the evening.

Is she ignoring me?


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  • Don't jump to any conclusions. Ask her what is going on in her life. If there's nothing really bothering her then ask her why she's cooled off. Whatever you do, don't assume the worst. She might not even be aware that she's giving you the silent treatment. Be direct and just ask her. Bring this up to her next time you talk. :)


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  • Mm follow up with her. ask how she's doing. Ya never know, she could've got busy or forgot to reply.. or testing you.


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  • I don't think so. She might have left her phone somewhere or had it on silent or might have been busy. Really it could be anything. It's too early to tell, give her a few days If she doesn't contact you then maybe she is breaking up with you.

  • I don't think she is.


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