Did he really move on in a week? is it done for good?

We met online and dated for 4 months. When we met for the first time he said couple things that were offensive to me to which i said it won't workout. he went nuts and kept telling me i love you he was acting really desperate and crazy. I didn't reply to him for couple days then i messaged him then he tried to be ok and he was acting nice and everything but i didn't really feel the connection. Then again we met this time things got steamy in the car and everything. And he was acting like a true gentleman which i really liked. Then again couple days later i started pulling back because he wouldn't speak his mind as he was worried it would make me and i would leave him. He lives in another state so he used to drive to see me. Two weeks back he said he was gonna come that weekend and then he postponed it and said he would come last weekend. I said ok then again he said he can't come last weekend because he has to settle his friend who just moved to his city. I got really mad and thought something was up or he was bullshitting me so i said not to message me again. He messaged me two three times that day saying he would come and take me out to a really fancy place and everything. I didn't reply and For a week we were doing the no contact and he stopped using social media (whatsapp, Facebook, everything) now after a week i saw his profile on that same dating website that i met him on. He is actively seeking people again. I even messaged him couple times on whatsapp he reads my messages and only replied he cares less now and he's not gonna justify himself. After that he never replied to any of my messages. Did he really moved on? how do i approach this situation? i said many mean things on the messages last night and then later apologized. but he is not replying to me at all. he comes online reads them and doesn't reply. Why is he doing this? is it done for good? how can he move on so fast that too in a week?


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  • He might just be griefing. When I broke up with my ex a month ago I signed up on online dating the next day. But I'm not nearly over her. I still love her but she has moved on. My heart is so broken right now over it. Maybe he is waiting for you to do something big for him to see how much you care. Go to his house with tickets to see a band or something and see how he reacts. Then you will know for sure. I can assure you. I dated this girl for 8 months, and im far from over her.

    • he is not replying to my text messages at all. he is reading them and not replying. its making me so mad. i finally told him i will delete his number and never bother him again. why isn't he replying? he lives in another state.

    • Sorry to say, but maybe he just does not like you anymore. I'm so inexperienced sorry

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  • Nope not that fast


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