What does it mean when you can't forget your ex?

I'm the one who broke up with her, and yet I haven't forgotten about her. Even when I could have sworn I was in love w/ this other girl, I never could forget my ex


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  • Its the guity feeling. I feel the same way when i broke up with my ex. I still can't forget him until now.


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  • Absolutely squat!

    We all remember things about our past SO's, some good, some bad. You may even from time to time compare in your own mind.

    It does not necessarily scream that you want them back. You might just want someone with similar qualities... we all do that!

    It is how we get it straight in our mind what we are looking for in our new SO... if your shopping hahaha.


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  • Well you can't just forget them!
    you will stop thinking about them as much as time passes on
    It takes a while sometimes
    also you could have broke up with her and still have been in love

  • You loved your ex and had a crush on the other girl. I'm sorry for you. You'll hurt for awhile. Nothing can help besides getting her back, and if that ship has left, then only time can help you.


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