OMG my first love left me?

Im so hurt, how do i forget him, we were together for about 3 years and omg im so hurt. How do i forget him?


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  • You poor thing. Been there. I hope you don't slip into a depression. It's hard I know.
    It's going to take time. Time heals. May be a while. Keep yourself budy , try not to analyze why or everything from the past.
    Your young , and have so much to look forward too in life.
    The first love thing doesn't ever work out in most cases. It's a learning experiance most have to go through unfortunately. But it will give your self worth strenght to move on.
    Keep positive. It wasn't your fault. Life happens. Get your own social life going with friends. Don't put yourself down or hash on the past.
    May not be today or tomorrow but you will be fine.
    You could go for some rebound sex just to put excitement and fun in your life for now. But don't get serious. It would def be for the wrong reasons
    Good luck.

    Time heals. Laughter helps.


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  • I've been there done that and the pain is so real. It just takes time a lot of time. Maybe weeks, or months, or maybe even up to a year. Time heals all wounds, so just give it time. If you still have his number I would suggest blocking it and deleting it. If you have him added on Facebook, etc I would block him off of there and cut off all contact with him. It helped me move on a lot. He was your first love, mine was to but that doesn't mean he will be your last. Don't put the blame all on yourself just let it be. If it was meant to be it would've been, if he broke up with you that's his loss its not your fault so don't put all the blame on you. Go out and socialize and meet new people and make new friends. Focus on yourself and schoolwork of course, don't let it get to you so much and do not try to over think it. It just makes matters worse. My first love now my ex broke up with me about a year ago. It was a learning experience for me though, but I learned a lot from it. Keep yourself busy and think of a hobby that you like to do. If you two go to school together I would suggest not being friends and I would also suggest acting like he doesn't exist. I wish you the best of luck. I understand its hard, it was difficult for me to but time heals all wounds, and I have most definitely healed.


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  • your first boyfriend will not be your last, im only assuming he was your boyfriend.

  • How old can this one be now...

  • You will never forget him but you will get over him. When one door closes another one opens.


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  • It will take time and the pain will be there for some months. I won't lie to you. It will hurt.
    Most of all try to keep busy, so you don't think a lot about him. Focus on yourself. Now it's the time to do all the things you wanted to do... that crazy trip, that hairstyle, that beautiful dress.
    Make it about becoming the person you want to be. :-)
    While you are focused on yourself, you will start forgetting him.


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