Guys, will he come back?

Well I've been single for a few days now and all I think about is my ex boyfriend is there a possible way he missing me as well? We broke up over him not texting me back and always thinking bout me flirting with other guys.


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  • Over him not texting you back? And he always assumed you flirted with other guys... Chances are he doesn't miss you. I mean, in a possessive type of way he probably does, but not in a "Oh how I miss the love of my life" type of way.

  • Seems like my story... i wanna ask you.. who do you think is wrong? be honest ok..

    • I think he is wrong because I work at a public store where I have a lot of customers that come in and out and I have to talk to everybody I can't just be rude

    • Well seems like he doesn't put some fair excuses for you... i mean you're not free 24/7 for him... he has to understand that.. but looks like he didn't yet.. don't call him or text.. let him call you first.. if it took him ages text him saying hi... and wait until he respond..

    • Thank yu I hope we do get back together because all I think about is him every since we broke up.

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