Guys, confused I don't want to give up but I have my reason to , don't know whats the right thing?

so me and my bf are practically on a break because i cheated on him when i was drunk ,it was just a kiss that i let happen but it wasn't a make out sesh like i piulled away soon after our lips touched. now he's going on dates with this girl . i had told him i feel hopeless because he's talking to someone else now. and he said that he told her he wasn't ready, he said that we both need time and im over here not talking to anyone yet he's over there going on dates. he said thats he's constantly gonna tease me about how he's flattered that all these girls think he's attractive and how this new girl is practically on his dick flirting like hell trying to kiss him multiple times but failing , just to see if i care since thats what he wants to test. that he secretly wants to make it work but that i practically need to chase him,since before it was him chasing me constantly .so i basically have to fucken compete with this girl for it to work out again. haven't dealt with shit dont know what to do cause i dont wanna lose him but at the same time i dont want to fight for his affection.


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  • It sounds like you are playing Poker. Anyway, if you don't want grovel and fight for him, then it's time for you to walk away. He wants to know if you are serious about the relationship and at the same time make you go through hell so you can understand how he felt.

    • well it sure does feel like hell , i do think your right about him seeing how serious i am about the relationship but i still have a thought like "well say i do bend over backwards to fight for him and then him and this girl become something "

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    • You have 2 options. You can fight for him or stop wasting your time.

    • so now he tells me when girls text him and bug him so that me and him don't have arguments , and we have a date this weekend cause i had said i get mad that he hangs out with these other girls and not me... then he said "your the one who fucked up why should i be the one making the moves' but what moves do i make? i asked him out to the movies and we went hiking and i paid for breakfast.. i just don't like the fact that he's talking to other girls i feel played and it makes me wanna quit , i start thinking things like he's probably fucking them

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