How can I impress my ex leaving him want more?

so me and my ex broke up 4 months ago and we haven't seen each other since then and iam mad at him till now but i love him and i know he does
next week we both are invited to the same classy party (me with my sister and her fiance and their frnds they are allll boys and iam gona be sitting alone i dont know all of them ) and he is coming and he is gona be sitting on the same table of mine
1rst : what do u recomend to wear ? iam a classy girl can u show me girls some pix of some classy sexy dresses that impress a guy at first sight
second : how should i act arround him should i show him i am angry at u or what should i do ? what if he started talking to me (iam still soooo mad at him bcz he left me for no reaosn but we still love each other )


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  • Stop thinking about your ex. It's been four months, if he hasn't contacted you then he's moved on, you should do the same. Don't get so hooked on how you can get a response from him, that's petty and immature behaviour and it doesn't say "I'm a mature, sophisticated woman", it says that you have nothing better to do that sit around and think up ways to make your ex jealous, don't you have anything better to do? Wear what you feel good in and act normal, be polite and the best thing you can do is show to EVEYRONE that you aren't desperately looking to get a rise from him.


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