How long will it take him to miss me, if ever?

My boyfriend of two years broke up with me a month ago today... I wasn't very good with the no contact thing at first, but it's been almost two weeks since I've seen, or talked to him. Everyone keeps telling me it might take over a month for him to miss me enough, to contact me... If he ever does. When I texted him last time, two weeks ago, he responded right away.... I feel like in my heart he still loves me. But I guess that could just be wishful thinking. He did tell me that he thinks I'm beautiful and amazing last time we talked, but I haven't contacted him since, and he hasn't reached out either.
Ladies: How long as it taken for an ex to contact you? Guys: how long has it taken you to contact your ex? And do you think he will?


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  • So he is either still interested. Or he's still comfortable with you meaning Your famiar to him. Saying your beautiful and amazing comes naturally to him because he did that for two years, and when you spend so much time with them it's hard not to try and fall back into an old pattern at first. Because everything awkward, and raw. and he probablly does care about you and that's why he's telling you these things. But just because he's telling you these things doesn't automatically mean he's going to come back, he's just trying to make the best out of a painful situation.

    He may come back, but change is uncomfortable and it might take him a second to figure out what he really wants. So don't be surprised if he gets back on his feet and decides to move forward with his life.

    I say this from experience, the most important ex of my life (and good friend today) use to text each other after we broke up saying pretty much the same things. It was hard for us, we were so use to each other. We mutually agreed to end our relationship because we were becoming unhealthy for each other. we really loved each other, but from that point on we were both able to move forward with our lives and find happiness.

    It's always kind of scary standing alone, but that doesn't mean it's for the worse

    Sending the good vibes your way, girl (:

    • Would it be okay for me to message you on here and get your opnion on my situation?

    • Yes it would be more then okay (:

  • Guys have a radar, the second you start feeling happy without them and feeling like you can move on they'll resurface and be like heeey

    • Hahaha men... God I hope so though... He just seems to be having a great time, spending all his free time with the guys, it doesn't even seem like he's all that upset, which makes no sense to me... We spent practically everyday together for the last two years... It just totally doesn't seem like he misses me. It sucks.

    • he's a guy he won't admit it but he'll miss you and come crawling back the second you start to distance yourself and get happy without him trust me

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