Can a guy love a girl because of the girl makes the guy feel not lonely?

So recently my girlfriend and I broke up because she doesn't love me anymore. I wanted to try to make the relationship work again because I believe I wasn't being a great boyfriend so she doesn't love me. I try to win her back and as I tried she told me that I don't love her but I love her accompany. Meaning that she makes me feel less lonely and keeps me from boredom and it's not because I love her. She asked me if I like her personality or appearance. I said none, because what I love about her is that she's always there for me. Is that love? Can it be romantic love or just friends love?
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  • What you loved about her is that she will always be there for you. Do you know what that means? It means you've bonded with her. At least that's the way I see it.

    I think she's a little deluded. You can't just EXPLAIN why you care about a person, can you? Imagine if someone asked you why you loved your mom, or dad... I mean, that's kind of a stupid question, right? Who the Eff cares WHY? It's practically A GIVEN that you love them. Let's just say you do describe why, do you think that accurately defines how much you love them?

    For some reason chicks need that validation although it doesn't really make any sense. You can attribute it to whatever you want: maybe they are insecure, maybe they are narcissistic, maybe whatever. The point is that she's confused.

    Maybe it's so easy for chicks to define WHY they love someone because what they truly fall for is the image, the perception of the man; not the man himself. This is why you hear women say ALL THE TIME about how they need someone tall, dark, and handsome. Remember the girls in middle & high school always talking about the football player? Or how they only date skater guys? Yup, I totally remember that stuff. And that only proves my point, they love the image. This is exactly what she was asking you too, "personality, appearance?"

    I don't know what to tell you kid. I wish there were some magic words I can say that would make you feel better but there aren't. I can tell you that you aren't alone in this. I can tell you that this girl has no clue what love is. If she did she would not have left you.


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  • That's complerley selfish. That's not love. She's your crutch. You need her because she makes you hate your life a little less not because you value her, or respect her.


What Guys Said 2

  • It's one of the many fake scales people use to judge "the one". People can fake some love emotions (even to themselves) and tell the person they love them strictly out of fear of being alone or rejected. It's kind of horrible because it usually doesn't work out and then they are back where they started.

  • While the guy may feel a sence of completion ( not lonely ) that within it's self doesn't constitute love


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