Hurting Someone How To Make Things Right/Want Him Back?

So Me and this guy split up,he found out from a friend that I have been married,but I didn't tell him at the time as wanted to get to know him more, hadn't been seeing him that long,since then he has been messaging me about a week ago,he told me he still has feelings for me,but its the lies that have hurt him,What can I do to make things right,and prove to him how sorry I really am,and would never do anything to hurt him in the future?


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  • If you are no longer 'Married,' here, dear, and you are a free agent, contact him and make plans to meet up and sit down, face to face, and have a long serious convo With------Make things right.
    open lines of convo are one of the most important factors in any new or old relationship. And in your case, which I can truly understand 'As wanted to know him more' before you opened up a can of worms about your past, you felt it was in your own best interest to withhold the truth. However, it ended up biting you in the butt in the end because someone beat you to it...
    You both need to get on the same page now that he has sent you a message of how he feels. I truly believe everyone deserves a second chance in romance and being he took the initiative to push a button on his own end, this is showing me that he wants to most likely give you another try.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Are you still married? Or you had divorced already?


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  • Be open about your past. All you can do is offer up the information he wants and hope he feels closer to you emotionally, and you should continue to keep communication going.

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