Guys, what goes on in your mind if your ex hasn't attempted to contact you after a break up?

My ex broke up with me almost a month ago because he was going through personal issues of his own (one being his grandpa passed away) and figured that he just needs to work things out himeself and get himself back together, which I was understanding with, he said that he is always there for me still and that he is not going running off to find another girl but needs to figure his stuff out (we are both independent people and he doesn't like to deal with his emotions), a few days after he texted me "I hope you don't hate me" because I wasn't replying to his texts and I felt bad so I responded saying that I don't and I still love and care for him and somewhere along the line we got into a heated convo and he brought up something that we argued about in the past and never ended up replying back to my last text and we haven't talked since nor have I tried to contact him and neither has he. We both practically work and live at the gym so I don't really suspect that he is seeing other chicks other following chicks on instagram but that means nothing ... to me at least. Soooooo guys ! Any idea of what's up ? Would he feel like I NEED to make the first move and not him or ???


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  • I assume they do what I do, which is move on which is what they should do.


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