Broke up with girlfriend a year and a half ago, but she won't leave me alone. Help/advice?

So i broke up with my girlfriend a year and a half ago. We only dated for six and a half months. I broke up with her because i felt like i just wasn't that attracted to her, and i began to like a class mate of mine. So i thought i could break up with her and pursue this new opportunity. But it didn't work that way. When i broke up with her i felt guilty for hurting her (after like a week). Then unexpectedly about a month after the breakup i felt sad for breaking up with her. .. which ruined the whole plan and i never asked out my class mate. Then about 4 months after the break up she wants to be friends, and i reluctantly said sure. But we ended up hooking up a few times and i shortly ended the whole "friends" thing. And we talked on and off via text. Then fast forward to new years 2015. I was out camping with some friends until about jan 5. I come back to the city and my phone got service again. Well she sent me 68 messages, regarding how im an asshole, she hates me, she loves me, loves certain parts of me. Etc. But then i just thought she was crazy. So i started a strict no contact rule. (I didn't tell her, i just never replied back again). But now in march 2015 she continues to text me . What should i do? (Note: we took each others virginities,if that matters )


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  • You don't have to talk to someone if you don't want. But I'd recommend you tell her why you're not talking to her. Just send one text explaining it and you never have to reply/talk to her again, if that's what you choose. But tell her why.

    • Yea ur absolutly right. Ill just tell her and kinda try and move on. But like one of the guys said i think if i hadn't slept with her post break up it wouldn't be this bad.

    • Do u have any suggestions on how i could tell her. Im really bad at this.

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  • if by hook up you mean sex then she's not entirely wrong in calling you an a hole. in her view you took her back as a girlfriend the moment you became more than friends and didn't specify friends with benefits. she is not crazy she just cares about you a lot and considering you took her virginity that only multiplies how much she cares for you and ignoring her only makes her feel worthless and that you used her.

    • Yes but it wasn't from the sex that she called me the asshole. This was before the post break up sex. But i get what ya mean.

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  • that is why do don't bang your ex, it just drags out feelings in a bad way. You need to text her back and squash it imeditly don't just pretend she dosn't exist that's rude. It's better to just crush her one final time then ignoring her.


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