Why would an ex still have feelings for you but not want to get back together? How can I make him see that I'll change?

So my ex and I broke up and I believe he may have feelings for me still. He wanted to be really good friends with me and I said sure that sounds like a good idea but I said it only because I did not want to lose him, even if that meant remaining friends and I still wanted him to be a part of my life. So skip ahead a couple of days later and we were talking/texting and I told him you can't just be friends with someone you're still in love with and he asked me why am I even in love with him and I told him something like "guys get over girls a lot quicker than girls get over guys. Look at you, you were over me within a couple of days probably less" and his reply was "who said I was over you?" I told that to some friends and my mom and they're like aww he's not over you.
Could it be that he's hurt and I hurt him? I was the one who broke up with him but out of hurt. I know I shouldn't have done that. I broke up with him because he said he didn't care if we were together or not anymore but I now know that was out of hurt because he was having family problems at the time I guess. But I also would get attitudes and sort of take it out on him by ignoring him or not talking much when I wanted to be left alone. I told him I'd do anything to get back together again but he didn't want to and I wasn't just saying that to reel him in and hurt him again. I meant it. He's a good .. great boyfriend but he thinks he wasn't that good. He was the best ever.
We had a good strong relationship but I don't know what happened
We dated for about a good two years and had a really good relationship. We loved each other so much and he was really sweet. He wasn't a butthole or anything. We started off as really good friends and we liked each other a lot.


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  • He probably still likes you but he also thinks if u guys try again and fail he will lose you as a friend also. That's an amazing line by him lol

    • I don't think we'd lose each other as friends. I just want him to see I want to make things better. I didn't and don't want to hurt him againagain and I know we messed up the first time but everything was always good before we broke up , it was just really sudden

    • Ok tell him that

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  • Probably a situation of bad timing or he's dealing with some insecurities.
    You two are pretty young and being serious in a relationship may not be something he wants to do. There's probably other girls he's interested in. It's better that he broke up with you instead of cheating on you.

    • That's true but he wasn't a cheating type. He wasn't a type of guy who wanted a relationship with me to test the ropes. He was 18 and had always been more mature. He was a serious type of guy yet sometimes liked to have fun. He also definitely wasn't a guy who was for sex. We did see more in each other than just holding hands and kissing and pictures. I liked the way he thought. He was very poetic so not wanting to be in a serious relationship most likely wasn'tthe problem. Though, we are young

    • You are seeing everything from your point of view, trying seeing it from an 18 year old male's point of view. Talk to him & see what he has to say,

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  • Well one of you or both decided this wasn't going to work out and ended it. It's natural to still have feeling for somebody especially so fresh out the relationship, however he knows that there isn't a point of breaking up and getting back together a couple days later.


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  • He doesn't want to feel the way he felt while you were dating, the relationship was too much. Or he don't won't to get hurt


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