Why has ex gf unblocked me on Facebook and Skype after 3 weeks of NC? been broken up for 2 months?

Ok here is a quick back story, we were together for a year and the last five months has been constant arguments, ending with breaking up and then getting back together. I become very jealous and very possessive, i feel quite letdown in myself for that.
Anyways at the end of January we had a massive fight and she ended it again..we went a whole week of talking and her telling me she hates me etc but on the Friday she wanted to come out and drink with me..told me her mum made her choose between me and them. However, i did not meet her because i didn't want her to lose her home.
After another week or two of talking...not talking..her telling me she's misses me etc and loves me etc..she told me that she changed her number because she wanted me to let her move on.
But we emailed pretty much every couple of days and it always ended the same...her telling me she doesn't want to be with me etc.
Anyways another Friday happens and she calls me on her NEW number and tells me she wants to meet..i said i was busy so she called me and we spoke on the phone for like 20 mins..about us..about whats happened etc..she told me that she doesn't want to be tied down by me, but loves me like crazy.
Well the next day she apologised for the call and told me that seeing me and talking to me was 'taking her to a bad place' so we stopped talking for a week. Then we spoke briefly the following Friday and she told me to leave her alone and sleep with whomever to move on..then she told me that she was talking to another guy. so we stopped talking and i deleted everything, i mean everything. But i saw her a few days later and it kicked off and she filed an herrasment claim against me..says i haven't left her alone since the breakup up etc. so we haven't spoke now in 3 weeks.
However, two days ago she unblocked me on Facebook and now on skype? is she missing me or is she just trying to mess with my head.
I know she is madly in love with me and she i love her...i am just confused on why she did it


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  • This girl is too unstable. She's going to take you down if you persue her.

    • Bro if i told you she has taken me down already would you be shocked? she has made up some crazy stories about me and even gone to the police... so right now im on BAIL for herrassment... but clearly no evidence etc. im due back in this Wednesday so the women in my life think she is trying to trap me... part of her loves me and wants me to get in touch... but the unstable and twisted side wants to get me done.. you get what im saying? i am done with her and want to move on so i blocked her on everything but i dont believe she is done with me just yet...

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