Why can't I move on?

I haven't talk to my ex in over a month, she lied to more about a lot only little things though, like talking to a guy friend and other stuff like that. She didn't want to make me jealous but I got worried about her cheating on me because of the lying. So we fought and she called me a controlling monster. I have been going through depression because of that. I have always had self esteem issues and so that coming from her hurt very bad. I want to forget her but I can't. I miss her and I want to be with her still. I don't know why. It's been over a month and I think about her all day still. Why can't I move on after she hurt me so bad?


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  • maybe just try talking to her and say that you didn't mean to be controlling and that you were just worried about it because of her history of lying to you and that you would rather her just tell you the truth and that you won't get mad (unless its something major obviously) say that you want to give her another chance because you can't get her out of your head and that you will try not to be as controlling (to me you didn't sound controlling at all!!!)

    • I'm not at all controlling. She just kept lying about talking to this one guy, I got worried about her cheating on me because of the lies. She said she lied to make me not jealous so I askd her to not talk to the guy for one week to prove it she wasn't cheating, which I know isn't right for me to ask I just was hurt and confused. That's when she started to yell and call me a controlling monster.

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    • yeah :) pm me

    • I pmed you :$

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  • The fact that she needed to keep conversations with a guy from you is telling of her character, that she needs to sneak around and can't just be upfront with you.

    As for moving on, it just takes time, my dude.

    Obviously, just keep yourself busy and better yourself through whatever your interests are right now; good luck.

  • I guarantee you the fact that she retaliated the way she did when you brought up the other guy is that she does like him. It HAPPENED to me. They turn it around on you and make YOU feel at fault. Don't feel that way, there must be a reason you thought this was odd, I did too. My ex and I were planning on moving in and she told my parents what kind of ring she wanted then two days later I'm dumped with " I can't commit to you anymore". You need to man up and be selfish in what you want. You want a girl that will do the UNEXPECTED for you. Birthdays and celebrations are EXPECTED, they are obligations. You want a girl who will make you dinner, but you a shirt just cuz you would look good in it etc. Don't do anything else and move on. She'll see that and feel stupid and once she realizes your gone she may come back. BUT don't, it will NEVER be the same.


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