How to accept the fact that she is with another guy , after we broke up?

we were sort of on again off again and never in an official relationship but either way i did like her . last year during one of our off periods and a week or so after we had a rough night out a new guy suddenly appeared and she started to date him . i'm not really sure how serious they are , she's still at school and i don't think they live together . its been very tough to accept the fact she is with this new guy instead of us being together . some time has pasted since we broke up and i've meet some other girls but still having a hard time accepting this as being how it is now


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  • By facing reality.


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  • You gotta look at yourself and ask, "what do I want from a girl?" I had a girl drop me out of nowhere and I deserve the boyfriend of the year award. You need to value yourself and cut her out. You don't want a girl like that I promise. You can't see it now but their is someone else out there. I didn't believe it but now I see it. Your a man, time to man up and move on.

    • our relationship wasn't perfect so not totally surprised she wanted to see other people. but it happened very suddenly , you don't expect a girl you were dating from same small town to just walk into pub with some new guy you've never seen before that she's now dating instead. I think that made it harder to accept than if she had sat down with me and said she wanted to move on.

    • No relationship is perfect, if anyone said they have the perfect relationship its all BS. Yeah it does make it hard to accept that she did that, and the fact is that she DID do that, what does that say? She obviously doesn't care enough about you. Hell my ex never even told me the REAL reason, I still don't know why we broke up eight months later, yeah it bothered me for quite some time but I came up with my own answers. The only thing that matters is that she's not with you right now. Actions speak louder than words and all the "i love you till the end" bull crap doesn't mean anything at all, really, take it with a grain of salt. And STOP putting her on a pedestal, who cares what she wants now, you gotta worry about #1 and that's you and what YOU want. I was there for my ex's cancer, moms depression, fathers death, I always opened the door for her, clean off her car, etc, and where am I at now? Not with her. You don't deserve that and do NO CONTACT AT ALL. She'll regret this, I promise

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