Girls if you love... miss and constantly think about an ex bf no matter why you broke up with him... why not give him another chance?

Ok from personal experience my ex gf broke up with me two months ago after months of arguing and me being jealous/possessive etc...i know she is madly in love with me...has told me she misses me like crazy and can't breathe without me, and has even wanted to meet me a few times to hang out. But despite all her words and even her actions, which i might add speak louder than words, we are not and will probably not get back together.
She has now just unblocked me on Facebook and constantly unblocks me and blocks me on Skype...i will not contact her despite missing her and loving her like mad.
My question is this...if you love a guy like made but your head is saying stay do you even try and get over that person?


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  • well if he is bad for her or won't change his ways then no amount of wanting to get back together and missing him is going to get him another chance because itll just carry on being toxic and a bad relationship.

    the best way to get over someone is to go cold turkey and keep very busy for a few months

    • Fair enough... but i am that guy lol! i have done all of that and am literally me again... after months of arguing and not dealing with the issue.. the time apart has been the best thing for me... surely it must be for her too? i mean she is now the one who opened the lines of contact again.. not me! i get the impression she is missing me and her constant and unblocking is surely a sign that her head is ruling her heart?

    • well id say you were that guy if you were possessive and jealous, thats the sort of thing you have to prove to someone who forgives you and lets you in again as they won't be able to just know youve changed without dating you again.
      i think its more a show of weakness on her part, she is close to letting herself slide back into a bad situation again because her feelings for you are getting the better of her. if she does go back to you then you'll need to do a 180 and show her how youve changed if you want to avoid another break up

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