Breakup after 3 months, Girlfriend doubting me as long term potential and canceling on meeting her parents?

Was dating a girl close to the 3 month mark, everything was going good. Good communication and such and having fun on dates. I see her once maybe twice a week due to her being in Pharmacy school and being stressed out. About 2 months in she asks if i would like to attend the rodeo and meet her family. I said sure, families aren't a big deal to me. Fast forward a month and its the night before the rodeo. I come over to her place after work and we sit down and chat and play some mario kart. 2 days before this, we went to a painting class and had a ton of fun doing paitings so i expected everything was fine. Were about to go to bed, i lean in to give her a kiss and she says "not tonight, im tired". She sat up and began to cry and telling me that im not likely long term material and she's been doubting me for a week now if im the right fit. "Shes not feeling like she should after 2 1/2 months of dating" is what she said and she doesn't feel like i should meet her parents at all. She sat in bed crying looking at me with a puzzled look like i should just get up and leave and thats what i did. I asked her why she wasn't feeling it or why she was so hasty to just call everything off when we've been fine so far, but she just kept saying she wasn't feeling like she was supposed to after 3 months apparently (shes only had one other boyfriend for 8 months). Instead of just calling off the rodeo, she broke it off completely and hasn't talked to me since last night. She texted me later at 3 am saying thank you for the fun times and treating her how a true lady should be treated, but sorry for out of the blue.

Im head over heels for this girl and did see long term potential, but the whole thing where she's doubting me is a big red flag.

Do i just move on or wait and see how it pans out? i really want to know wy she just jumped to the conclusion of calling everything off


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  • Move on. Is her gut feeling right? Maybe, personally I doubt that it is. She's made some kind of decision and built it up into a huge issue in her head (consider all the 'OMFG WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?' over minor things questions on this site) and whatever it is just came erupting out.

    I'm sorry this happened to you, you might never understand why, it's best to try and move on, try not to dwell on it. Don't talk to her, either, it'll just bring back the bad feeling.

    • she def was a over thinker and she said that all the time. I plan not to contact her, but it'll be hard if she responds. She a independent chick, so i doubt she texts of tries to keep in contact. Usually you see this stuff coming, but it was hidden this time. It was something, but ill never know. I can't beat myself up too much or i'tll eat me up.

    • Exactly... just try to get on with your life and not dwell on it. She might see in time she made a mistake, or she might be so convinced by her own neuroses that this was the right decision she won't care. Either way, don't concern yourself with it as best you can.

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  • I really think... she is was not interested in you. I think she was feeling like this even before the week... But she couldn't say it or maybe she was still figuring it out why she is feeling this way... But when you meet her she couldn't help but feel that she is not interested and she is leading you on... so that's why all this happen...
    But what's strange is that she was happy with you all this time and she broke up suddenly... Which I think is because she bottled up her feelings...

    • I suggest you don't think about it at all and move on cause it will cause you more hurt... Just forget her and don't contact her at all...

    • i would've expected her to withdraw somewhat though. We still kept in contact everyday even when we were busy, i had no reason to believe this was coming.

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