Ex-flirt wants to start a fresh, what to do next?

Hello, my ex-flirt wanted to start a fresh after I have been jealous, so she can see I'm not a jealous person like her Ex etc.. So she told me yesterday "Let's chill and see how it goes" - Asked her what she meant by that, she said like you were in November, i was like fine.. I guess you would call this for "friendzone"? - We haven't met each other YET, the plan was to meet each other in summer at her place. --- Any tips or easy ways to get that back or to reset our "relationship" I don't want such answers like "say no", i want real answers.


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  • here's REAL advice, don't wear your heart on a sleeve. If a girl REALLY wants a guy, she'll make any effort possible to be with them. Don't say anything about friendzones or titles (ex-flirt? no such thing...) that only puts more pressure on her. I would suggest just pull back a bit and let her initiate everything. I learned that LESS is MORE. You need to realize too that this girl may not be the one. Hell a year from now you may not even be talking to her anymore. Don't build this up anymore than what it is. Just take it SLOW and enjoy it and let her set the pace. Just have FUN thats what girls want.

    • @Swedishkid08 I'm just thinking if you want me to let her initiate everything, then she won't be like i was.. I really love her so much and want to meet her, but don't feel for it if she doesn't like me anymore..

      Everything started out with that i was jealous, but said sorry many times etc.. Would you think she needs some space, even tho she says "lets chill and see how it goes"

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