Boyfriend made up with me yday and now he is ignoring me again? Did he move on already?

long story short. We have been together for 4 months. a week ago i said move on to him out of anger because he kept making excuses to not meet me. then after a week i saw him on a dating website and confronted him through texts he was reading them but not replying. So i kept calling and texting him like nuts then finally he came to see me yday and we met and made up. I bought him a nice gift too yday and I don't know if that was necessary or i came off as needy? but then he said he is fine and he will talk to me again and i thought we got back together. He said he will see me tonight. I have been texting and calling him since the morning. He is not responding he is reading my texts but not replying at all. Same exact thing before we met. Also i checked on his profile on the dating site he shows online there. Is it done for good? Is it over? please somebody help me?
Please someone help me i am going crazy...
and when i said move on we didn't talk for a week


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  • As wise as I am here, dear, ewithout it having to be etched in stone, he is Not ready nor raring to be hooked a the hip with you, doesn't want to bne in a Real relationship either and bottom Line------He shows online there.
    He is back to his old ways, no doubt in my mind. It's a Problem Child Patern that is taking off full circle and will only get worse. Once he starts with 'His profile on the dating site,' which he obviously doesn't care that you know he is there Showing himself to others, he will eventually hook up with chicks and with this, Cheat even more than he is doing now.
    Dump him, sweetie. He is Not for you. He is not only Cheating on you but 'Cheating' you and it will only lead down a bad beaten path of War of the Roses and end up not smelling good.
    You deserve better than someone who constantly puts you on his pay no mind list. Do yourself a favor while the year is still young. Take him off your own 'List,' he is not worth your time. There is someone out there who is far better and can surely hold his weight in gold so you don't have to sit around for this schmo and grow old.
    End the madness now... yes, it's so over and thank God you woke up in time with this slime.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for allowing me to lend a helping hand with this man.:)) xxoo

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  • Move on girl, he is playing with you otherwise he doesn't enjoy your body or stuff with you.

    • What do you mean he doesn't enjoy my body?

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