Need help someone help me please?

My gf ended it with me 2weeks ago and I haven't heard anything since I've walked to her house and everything but she won't have none of it? My friends tell me she's back on Facebook and has kept the pictures of us on there? She had never done anything with a boy before and opened up to me, the day I met her parents that night she let me take her virginty I know she wouldn't of done it if she didn't want to and I made sure she was ready, the next day is when she ended it with me and I haven't heard anything of her since even tho I tried to get in contact. I admit I was really jealous and abit obsessive but we made up and agreed things are going to get better. I just don't understand it, and will she remember and miss me? And is it possible for her to contact me? Aload of people think it's the parents but I just don't know


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  • It could be her parents or she could just need some space. Loosing your virginity is a scary thing and she probably just needs some time to process it. Just give her some time and if she doesn't come back around it might be time to move on.

    • Don't get why she's back on Facebook etc kept pictures of me but hasn't contacted me? Making me feel bad cause I feel maybe she regrets it or if it was the parents I hoped she would still contact me

    • Just because she's on Facebook doesn't mean anything she's probably just seeing what her friends are up to or just distracting herself. And she probably still has pictures up of you because she finds them good memories or she just doesn't delete anything. But just give her some time and space and see if she'll contact you it won't happen right away so be patient.

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