Am I wrong about this?

My bf of nine months has suddenly gotten distant. We haven't seen each other in going on four weeks. He doesn't write to me as often...sometimes never responds...and I'm just really sad because I have this gut feeling that he's planning to break up with me, but I think he's making me come to that conclusion on my own and that's kind of the worst thing he could do right now since I already forgave him for making out with some girl four months in. The least he could do is be honest and just break up with me face but instead he's slowly distancing himself from me... I don't understand why.

He says he's busy and I get that. But no matter how insanely busy I can be sometimes, I always make room in my life when I care about someone. I'm felling very ignored and I don't want to sound clingy, but I think in this case I've been more than understanding by not being upset with him about never talking to me and not making plans when he's got a half and hour in THREE WEEKS.

If you were me, what would be your next move? I'm thinking of just asking him to call me when he's free and asking him flat out if he's wanting to break up with me. Thoughts?


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  • As wise as an owl that I am and without it having been etched in stone, unkissme, it seems he is giving you subtle hints with his putting you on his pay no mind list Because He's------Slowly distancing himself from me...
    Bottom line, he doesn't have the nerve to just tell you straight out he wants to be this free bird. He would rather be selfish, keep you on a sour note shoe string and make you Make the decision all by yourself, knowing very well what you will finally do because this way... it will take the burden off of him and make it easier for him.
    He may not openly admit he wants to 'Break up with me' but would rather you get angry and say it yourself. I can read this schmo like a book because I know his type and like many of today's toms who end up to be sporadic and unpredictable and want out of a relationship, this bird is no exception to my golden goose rule.
    He has already cheated on you and who knows with his actions as light feather as they have been, he may be lip locking with some other girl and this could be another reason of this season Why-----He says he's busy and I get that.
    Call him and tell him you think it best you break it off. tell him his actions are speaking louder than his words and you know very well that this something he wants. If he hymns and haws, don't buy it, he will only go back to the same song and dance and as usual you will end up paying heavily because of it When-----Never talking to me and not making plans.
    Guys like him are a dime a dozen... you deserve better.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you for your helpful answer/insight into my situation... I really appreciate your thoughts not only because you make good points, but because I have no one in my life to ask about this in person. So thank you.

    • Thank you, sweetie, for allowing me to lend a helping hand.. always feel fr4ee to ask me anything and thank you, yes, good points for just being this wise ol' owl.:)) xx

    • Thank you so much, @unkissme for the Vote of Confidence and the upvote as well.:)) xxoo

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