What is my ex doing to me? He won't let me move on yet he's still upset seeing me with other men?

ex and I broke up after a long heavy relationship, we were very much in love, an i still am in love with him however he ended it, he said he still loves me yet isn't "in love" what is the difference? He also got annoyed when I got a new BF he kept bringing him up, and getting upset, when i told him me and my BF are on a break and I asked him how it made him feel he said he wasn't happy because it was only "temporarily" and that then i would get back with him. And whenever we talk (we meaning me and my ex) he keeps bringing up my new BF and saying things like, "Go talk to your boyfriend" Im really confused, I truly love him but he doesn't make his mind up, should I wait, or move forward? Also he makes it very obvious he doesn't like my BF, he literally once told me that" Why do you think I keep bringing it up?" So its pretty obvious he wants me to know it irks him, but why? he broke up with me? Im so confused.. Also I asked him if he still wanted to be with me and he responded by saying "more than anything in the world" And when I jokingly said i didn't love him anymore (we were both joking around) he got very hurt and very upset. Oh and one more thing he keeps saying that later onwards in the future he still wants to be with me. So what is going on? Please Help me im @ my wits end I truly love him and I still do but I wanna know is he just playing the field? Does he still feel for me? And what in the world is he doing?


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  • Yet "in love" feels like he is losing feelings.

    Why would you tell him that? Thats not appropriate. Of course it pissed him off. He said that cause he knew you were trying to piss him off.

    Move on. You have a loving boyfriend. This relationship is damaged. He obviously is indecisive.


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