Would it be okay to talk to your ex about the breakup 2 months after it ended?

Well, we're in a long distance thing and he broke up with me via text. We met last month when he was here for his break, but it was more of just catching up. After that meeting, I texted him that I originally asked to meet that time to talk about the breakup but I backed out because it will make things awkward. He called me but I didn't answer but texted me that we could still meet if I want but I said no. I was crying that time and I don't want to breakdown in front of him.

Well, I'm visiting where he studies next month for a vacation. Should I ask to meet again and talk about it? I just want to clarify things. Or should I just let it be?

Will this seem like I'm still so desperate? Currently, I'm on no contact for 2 weeks now, and will continue it until i visit where he studies for my vacation.


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