Ex gf wants me back?

Dated this girl for a year, were both, 17. She did everything for me,Never lacked to show love and was just overall a good girlfriend wife material. 2 weeks ago she wanted a break and in those 2 weeks she had sex with 2 guys...she hates herself and regrets it and just tells me she let herself get used. I'm willing to forgive and move on like i understand she was single but im just shocked. Everytime she sees me she's on her knees asking for forgiveness and she is willing to do anything for me to take her back. Last night she took me out to eat. Any advice on how to just forgive and to stay with her


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  • People make mistakes. It's okay to forgive her, just if the relationship seems weird to you, different then it was before try and talk to her. Tell her how you feel but I think you should give her a second chance. But if the second chance becomes a fifth chance i'd back away. Good luck!


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