Is she prettier than me?

My ex and I broke up and he moved on very quickly. We've been so much and have so many memories and years together and I can't believe he moved on and especially during our annieversary month which is this month. I had a miscarriage Dec 2014 and still hurt over that tbh. What have I done so wrong to him?? I've been such a good woman to him. And by the way I'm 30 he's 23 and his new GF is 18.

**MY ex and his new girlfriend is to the left and I am to the right in my default picture. Expand the picture if you'd like. I could have posted a picture of myself with a full face of makeup but I choose to post a natural picture instead.


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  • Why do you concern yourself with such trivial matters? It is clear your energy should be used elsewhere.


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