Guys, should I break up with my boyfriend?

My boyfriend doesn't want me to go to prom with this guy that asked me before me and my boyfriend started dating. Should i end our relationship and go to prom or not go to prom and keep the relationship?


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  • That's depends who is your priority? your boyfriend? or the guy that asked you the prom?

    Who is more more important to you? That's what really comes down to. It doesn't matter who asked you to the prom first. what matters who are in a relationship with. If you don't value the relationship you have with your boyfriend, then you need to think about what sort of person you are.

    • You honestly just helped me so much. The thing is my boyfriend is a douchebag to me and always tells me that he's gonna change and never does. He said if i dont go to prom he will change but how can i believe that you know?

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    • Thats just emotional black blackmail on his part, so stop going to the prom. Don't believe words, believe actions. Words nowadays is cheap with people.

    • No problem, Remember, you are responsible for your words, but your not responsible for peoples understanding. If your boyfriend, doesn't understand your situation, then that is his problem, not yours.

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