Friends with ex, still feel sad, about to go to college, anything I can do?

So my girlfriend and I recently broke up because she doesn't love me anymore. I haven't talked to her since 2 weeks but I felt really lonely and depressed so I contacted her. She didn't do anything much either so she decided to go skating with me. When I saw her while skating I feel really sad that she's not my girlfriend anymore. I tried really hard to get her back but she says she doesn't want to hurt me or waste my time anymore. I ended up accepting that she's my friend. If I don't do that I'll be in a super depressed mood and just want to do nothing. But when I accept it, it hurts a lot thinking about the past wonderful relationship we had. Anything I can do?


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  • Sadly you can't make her love you, but you can wait for her. Give her time and maybe she might start missing you just as much. I can't promise yhat she will though. Avoid the wonderful memories that bring you pain now by immersing yourself into a hobby or your academics. Thinking about school constantly won't allow you to let your mind wonder off.

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    • We hangout like friends and she told me that she missed me too but she doesn't love me

    • That's hard for the both of you then. You both miss being together. I will say this be a bit happy she told you that she doesn't love you. I know it feels just as awful as it sounds but if you look at it this way it means she cared so much about you that she didn't want to be with someone who didn't love them as much as they did. That you deserve to have someone love you just as much if not more.

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