She ask need time. what does tat mean? While she said giving up on me... y doing this? I am confuse, scared, worried. what does this mean?

Hi i am from Malaysia. My name Steve. I am 26 & she is 20 years old this year. Last month i have a small action of jealousy scold her never care bout me,she care friends care more than me. Becoz i blame her never care me first instead her friends first. At start this problem is at first year we meet then we in a relationship together. So happy,without worried everything. She is everything to me. We made a promise to each other like nothing gona breaks us. But things change when i too overtrusted her. I gv her everything bout my social media ID & password. Then she check everything seeing my past cause her change then i was a photographer last time. She doesn't models seriously,i quit my hobby to stop everything to worse. But then she scold me tat never praise her beautiful while my past i did comment to other models. At this rate i didn't know it was serious. Everytime she brings fight many times & asking me repeated question of a same. I answer it the same of course. After while i started to fear losing her during every fight she brings so i hv prepare any circumstances to avoid anything from quarrel anymore.. Till now i did all to avoid it. Then she need me but i hv to b home at midnight becoz my family waiting me b home safely. Everytime she needs me is time not very sufficient. I asked her when time free,she seem refuse to tell then i know she keep in her heart all time till nowaday. Sometime i feel angry & too annoying i scold her or chase her out from my car. Even cruel i did something to make her shut up. Then she suddenly suicide by cutting her wrist. We hv a fight after this but not in a right time. I know i hurt her too much till now she ady empty in her heart. I text her,in time so long she reply but in a 2 -3 words. Sometime she scold me in texting as well refuse to meet me ady. She is totally changed not like her at first meet. But i love her too much tat i cannot forget her leave her. Please guide me i love her. Can she forgive me & get together again?


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  • She needs time to think


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  • Just tell her you're sorry for not being there enough and promise to be there in future.

    Also, be patient with her and don't lose your temper. Women are irrational and rash. Be her rock.


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