My girlfriend did broke up with me I love her so I want she will come back in my life?

She was with me before 2 year I love her so much I wa she will come back in my and before 1 months she doesn't talk to me I try to contact her but she doesn't reply I commit sucide but some one save me please help me please she still think about me or not now she have new boyfriend I want her back ?


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  • What are you trying to say?

    • I want to she will come back in my life my life become hell

    • What?

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  • Before you love a woman you must first love yourself. When you say commit suicide it means that you do not love yourself.

    You possibly beileve too many wrong concepts about love. Love is not what you see in the Movies, it is hard work and if you knew the truth about what love is, you would be pissed off.

    God is love. So if you think you loved this woman without God you have been fooled by Lucifer who paints Lust up with all it's bows and whistles to look like the real thing.

    The same Lucifer who gave you that girl you love and had her drop you like a rock is the same Lucifer planting seeds of suicide as an option.

    You only have 2 voices in your head, right and wrong. You are putting fuel to the wrong thought.

    Good luck.

    • I know but I d know what to know all the time I th about her I really love her so much even I did everything for her to make her smile she said that she is tired of me but I am totally confused if she is tired of me why we together 2 years?

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  • Well if she has a new boyfriend, then she won't come back. Not worth killing yourself over it, though.

    • She said she can't talk to me because she say she is afraid and now she have boyfriend that boy when she start talking with him than first she want my permission can I talk to him she said he helps me to for study than I say ok you can talk to him If I knew about it than I nev give her permission and most important thing is she is Chinese and I am Indian

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    • There before I do after broke up she said that I can talk with you but you always in my heart and before 6 months she get pregnant than I ask to the doctor can we have baby than doctor said now she is so weak so she can't carry the baby so we did aboration after than everything is going good but i don't know what happened with her suddenly than she did broke up I love her so deeply and when I hear that she got pregnant than i love her more I want to her baback in my life please help me what I d make her talk to me please help

    • Well the only thing you can do is possibly stop obsessing about her

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