How do you know when to give up?

So there's this girl that i know for about 4 months now and we've been texting a lot. I apparently have feelings for her and she dont for me. She calls me a friend and never accepted when I ask her out on dates. And even when I ask her out as a friend like hangout. Obviously she doesn't want to see me. But then she'd try to keep contact and we keep texting. I dont mind being in the friendzone, i just mind that i am wasting my time. These few days she've been distant. Taking about 5 minutes to reply on Facebook when she replied instantly before. And conversation doesn't flow. She'd been talking about some other guy who also likes her. She didn't say this but I have a feeling she'd been talking to him more than me. I just want to know is it time to let her go? I dont want to hurt myself in the long run. And I dont want to waste my time.


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  • How well do you know her? Have you actually met her before? Because it seems that she's avoiding you because she either does not want to be seen (in case you met her online, and she has been using pictures that aren't of herself), or based on text, she has no interest in meeting you. If it's the first case, she's friendzoning you to keep you two from meeting. If it's not the first case, she's either mentioning the other guy to give you a hint that she isn't interested, or she is just trying to make you jealous. Why exactly? Because she doesn't want you to lose interest in her even if she sees you as a friend.

    • We met at a basketball game.(we talked a bit) And once met at a mall once. (just said hi and moved on) only 2 time i ever saw her outside.

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  • I would say now is a good time to let her go and pursue other girls. she might even notice that and try hitting you up.


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