Does she mean it?

We have been in a 5 year relationship, and we got into a fight recently and things turn out bad, can a woman let go of 5 years easily?
I tried talking to her today, asked for a chance and she stop me to stop as this will only bring pain, and she tells me not to force her to be cruel. Any advices on what i should do?
Help! text included in the comments


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  • that depends.

    If the relationship has been good, no real drama going on, then I'd say she just needs some time to think things over. Don't contact her, and give her space. Respect her wishes.
    You could send her flowers in a couple of days and see how she responds.

    If the relationship has been on the rocks for some time or has been sort of unstable, in that case she might just have thrown in the towel on this one.

    Usually it takes a woman some time to take a difficult decision, but this also makes it that more definite once she does. Even if it seems to you that she was able to cut off this relationship easily, trust me, she must have been checkign out emotionally for some time before.

    • Hello, ill type what she texted me today " To be honest, i am not even angry. I am just disappointed and sad. But i won't go back. You haven't understood my feelings or thoughts. I dont think you will understand. I dont think it will work like you think. I truly loved you. And i still do and will. But i am not going to hurt myself again. Or hurt you again. All we are doing is hurting each other. Our point of views are different, I am not asking you to change. I haven't and will not do that but we are different in values. I know you, I know you hate changes and its alright. I dont need apologies, I am alright now, I pulled myself out." This was her text, can you please shed some light on how grave my issue is?

    • ohhh this is real bad dude. Really bad. It seem like you 2 have had some repeating issues or could never agree on some things that where important to her. She has been thinking about this for some time obviously and believe me when i say, she is done. Sorry man, let her go.

    • i have asked her how long has she thought about it, she told me it has been a week since we fought, also i have some logs that i want to share with you and perhaps get your advice on. will it be alright if i get your skype? or i can PM you mine.

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  • That depends on a lot of factors, how happy were those 5 years. Has it been a constant roller coaster ride or has it been pretty stable over the years. What was the fight about, something silly and minor or a big ticket deal breaking kind of fight. Letting go is different for everyone, but if things haven't exactly been a field of flowers over the years then that leaves plenty of time to accept the reality of the situation and whether it's worth nurturing any further or moving forward. Can't really give you a good answer with minimal information.

  • Doubt it, I would kiss her butt send her pretty flowers or a nice card with your person feelings inside.

  • Best thing you can do is not contact her just give her space and if she truly still loves and cares about you she will contact you.


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