My ex blowing hot and cold.. i'm confused?

Will make this as short as possible. was together with me ex for 3 happy years, never an argument in all that time. in oct last year out the blue he said he didn’t think he loved me anymore, he loved me to bits but not in love, turned out he was having an affair,he left November and came back 3 weeks later saying he made the biggest mistake of his life and hated every minute he was away, 3 weeks later he was gone again, we didn’t speak for 2 weeks then started talking and he came round to see me said he missed me and wasn’t happy and he has major doubts, this has been going on ever since but he is still with her, in the meantime he has been helping out with my bills as he feels bad and also we have season tickets for football so have been going to the games and having a fab time, it’s just horrible when he has gone again, last weekend he came round to watch a film and hung around not wanting to go, he left saying i best go before we both do something we regret, anyway 5 mins later he knocked on the door and yes we went to bed, this happened again he came round wed morning since then he rang me every day and last Tuesday was the last time i saw him for football, i have heard from him once since then …. i don’t understand… he rang me every day then all of a sudden i don’t hear, i am desperate to text him and just say hi.. not to ask why he hasn’t called… what is he thinking ? do i text him ? does he want me back ? is he using me ? why has he gone silent …i am so confused. i dont think i will see him now for 2 weeks as no football, we have also just renewed season tickets for next time.


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  • That is a tough situation and it sounds like he cannot make a firm commitment to a long term relationship. It seems to me that he is being unfair to both women in this triangle, but more towards you because he can not quite bring himself to leave you completely and just move on or the less likely option of reconciling with you and leave her

  • To the curb with him! He felt bad the weeks he was away? Yeah right... that's why he stayed away huh? He wants his cake and eat it too.


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